Tamil Peoples Council should act as a fortification in protecting the rights of our people – ICET

Sri Lankan State and some international powers with vested interest are actively seeking to force a compromised political solution on Tamils instead of finding a sustainable political solution based on the aspirations and inalienable rights of our people. These forces are forcing the Tamil leadership and our people to accept the 13th amendment within a unitary constitution, which the Tamils have already rejected many times.


The formation of Tamil Peoples Council is the biggest challenge for these parties with their own interest which are counter to the interests of our people. Successive Sinhala leadership and hegemonic powers are only interested in dominance of their respective interests. It is regrettable to see that the Tamil political leadership is also compromising on the above issue.

In the above context, the formation of the “Tamil Peoples Council”, which consists of political parties, academics, civil society forums from the traditional Tamil homeland within the Island of Sri Lanka is an essential factor. We the International council of Eelam Tamils sincerely hope that the new formation called Tamil Peoples Council will act as a fortification to protect the social, political and economic rights of the Tamils Nation, in the Island of Sri Lanka.

-International Council of Eelam Tamils

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